Prior to joining North Castle Partners in March 2017 as a business development consultant, Whitt Barnard formed Sawtooth Capital Partners in Boise, Idaho in September 2007 in order to affiliate with two private equity firms, J.H. Whitney (2007-2009) and Encore Consumer Capital (2009-2017). His principal role with JHW and ECC was to assist their investment teams in identifying and helping to close attractive opportunities in the pacific northwest and intermountain regions of the U.S. During this 10 year period, Whitt focused on a variety of consumer product sectors including branded food & beverage; personal care; household products; pet products; outdoor gear, accessories & apparel; and leisure products. He successfully generated proprietary deal flow for both Whitney and Encore as a result of a pro-active direct calling program as well as a relationship building effort at trade shows with numerous business owners and CEO's who were promoting their brands.

Founded twenty years ago in Greenwich, Connecticut, North Castle Partners is currently investing their $300 million Fund VI that was closed in July 2016. North Castle continues to target the healthy, active and sustainable living market sectors which encompass eight consumer segments: personal care; fitness; food & beverage; home & leisure; specialty nutrition; sports & outdoor recreation; sustainable living; and wellness & consumer-driven health care.

As highlighted on North Castle's website ( ), the firm creates value-based partnerships to help entrepreneurs and their companies consistently achieve their full potential. Working closely with founders and management teams, North Castle's Investment Professionals and Operating Executive Group provide a broad base of resources and capabilities to enhance those portfolio companies' brand identity, accelerate sales growth and improve operational efficiency. Please refer to the firm's website for a profile of NCP's team and overview of its collaborative approach.

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